Do Business, Wisely

At beSure we believe in making life easier. We believe in doing business differently. We do business differently by providing you with local, honest and affordable companies to choose from when you need a specific product or service. Need a recommendation? to select one of our partners today.

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Why beSure?

Our founder, David Faccone, spent years in business networking organizations and realized there was something missing; involvement in the local community. These networking groups were successful, within the four walls of their breakfast venue, but the members of the community had no knowledge that these groups existed. That is how beSure was born. David’s vision was to provide the community with honest, hard-working business professionals who put the customers’ interests first. Partners in beSure are small business-owners, sales representatives and entrepreneurs who focus on the relationship and not simply the transaction.

If you are a small-business owner, salesperson or business professional and you are looking to sharpen your business skills and increase your market-share, we welcome your application to join our network. If you are an individual looking to hire a responsible professional who puts the client’s needs above their own, then please reach out to one of our partners.

be Committed, be Humble, be Generous, be Sure

This is how we do it

Our goal is to do business wisely. We introduce our vetted professionals to the community to inspire mutually-beneficial relationships based on service & trust. If you need a product or service and value an excellent customer experience, please reach out to us and we will beSure to introduce you to the perfect company!

beSure to do business with us!

Our Address: beSure LLC, PO Box 1266 Bloomfield, NJ 07003

(775) 6-BESURE or (775) 623-7873